Strato Space System develops end-to-end launch solutions dedicated to small satellites for commercial and government players. The SIRIUS range of launchers manufactured with cutting-edge technologies is being assembled in Saclay (France) with European partners.

We use an unconventional launch method that consists in launching SIRIUS not from the ground but at high altitude via a stratospheric balloon. This method, called "rockoon", not only reduces the size of the launcher, but also increases flexibility by allowing the use of a mobile launch infrastructure to best meet the specific needs of each customer.


LEO (700km): 1-330kg
SSO (700km): 1-270kg

Stage 3

Motor : 1 x GPT 2

Stage 2

Motor : 1 x GPT 1

Stage 1

Motor : 3 x GPT 1

Sustainable launcher

The SIRIUS launcher range is developed with sustainability and environmental respect in mind.

• The Rockoon method, allows to avoid 97% of the atmosphere which results in a reduction of the consumption of propellant.
• We use bio-propellant.

Our approach to sustainable access to space will continue with a total reuse of our launchers in the long term.